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The Dneproteplostroy LLC enterprise was set up in 2009. The reason for creating the company was the collapse of enterprises of the former USSR that carried out the relevant special operations. When the company was being created, the best workers and engineering staff were assembled from the former production associations and directorates that carried out special construction and installation work at the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical enterprises and thermal and nuclear power plants.

Generally, the company performs the following work:

  • work on thermal insulation of boilers and piping;
  • chemical protection of equipment, storage tanks and vessels;
  • lining work on heating furnaces, boilers and coke oven batteries;
  • other operations for thermal and chemical protection of equipment

Dneproteplostroy LLC, for years accumulating experience and improving modern technologies to almost the ideal and also using new materials, began working at blast furnaces and coke oven batteries, which presumed both hot repairs and the construction of new installations. Increasing the scope of its work, the company began providing services in the so-called near and far abroad – Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria – carrying out a full cycle of operations for installing, gumming, lining and paint-coating the equipment.

The Dneproteplostroyi LLC team is always ready to lay a reliable foundation for the beginning of your project. Already today, we are prepared, with a clear planning and skillful organization, to start a new project and, with a professional approach, to implement high-quality work on the project of the Customer. Our staff and the closely-knit team are ready to implement new projects:

  • Modernization of existing facilities;
  • New construction;
  • Current repairs of facilities;
  • Facility reconstruction;
  • Hot repairs of coke oven batteries.

If you need a reliable partner in your work, please contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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